December 4, 2014

Sodium Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide

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我们是正式的节日风暴。Party hopping, cookie decorating, and, best of all, PRESENT GIVING! It can get a little overwhelming. But that’s why I’m bringing back the gift guide. Three actually (plus some extras!), full of a few of my favorite things you’d find in my kitchen, my cupboard, and my purse. Because the holidays are the absolute best time to get everything you need for the best and tastiest low-sodium life. And give those you love the tools they need to eat well and be well, too.
So let’s get started.
Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Beginner Cook
谈到厨房用具时,我个人认为较小总是更好。这就是为什么一个小型电饭煲(第3项), a trusty hand blender (第4项),一个Teeny Cuisinart (第9项), and a KitchenAid mixer (第8项)will mean quick dinners, breads, and pie crusts without breaking a sweat. Or breaking your back when trying to haul it out of the cupboard. And the words “dishwasher safe” are always an extra plus.
Of course, basic cooking tools are also always a welcome treat, too. Ceramic knives (第1项)。Measuring cups and spoons (第2项)。和砧板(第7项)。You can’t go wrong here because you can never have too many of these in your kitchen.
最后,为了真正鼓励一些信心,扔掉一些服务物品并没有伤害。我正在说漂亮的餐巾纸,板材,甚至是烛台或两个。并取决于你的礼品吸气工,我认为更大胆,更亮了。因为当你有让你微笑的托盘和菜肴时,你会想要用它们。这意味着你想要做饭。这意味着我过来吃饭。所以选择彩色碗(第5项),异想天开的杯子(第1项1), playful silver wear (第1项0),厨房的凯迪拉克,lecruset(第6项)。亮闪闪。
不要忘记,非化学清洁工Methodand a tiny vacuum also make a great gift for beginners. Because messes and spills and mistakes are bound to happen. And with the right tools, they don’t have to be stressful.
Budding Chef  - 节日礼物指南
如果你错过了百吉饼或甜甜圈,一个甜甜圈锅(第1项) will do the trick for your own, at-home breakfast creations. Sticking to the bread theme, grab a baguette pan (第2项)对于完美形状的面团,更完美地为Bruschetta更完美的三明治或吐司。而且别忘了,烘焙是一点科学。所以也抓住一个小厨房量表(第7项)确保您的成分衡量!
If you’re looking for a culinary adventure, then get hickory chips (第3项)为您自己的烟熏蔓延,冰淇淋制造商(第4项)为了你的低钠梦想的甜点;用于甜味或咸味凉爽的冰棍模具(第1项0);咖啡研磨机或香料磨床,以营造您自己的含盐混合物(第8项); and a pasta roller for some impressive lasagna, spaghetti, and maybe a new kind of noodle from your own creative noodle (第1项0)。
Finally, if you’re about looks, then grab a few tools that give even the unlikeliest ingredients (hello lettuce) a little glam power. A mandolin (第1项1) means thinly sliced potatoes and radishes and even asparagus coins. Which means homemade chips, professional looking casseroles, and really pretty salads. A grill pan (第9项) means you can add that smoky, BBQ flavor and those sezy grill marks to food (re: lettuce) all year round. A spice. And finally a waffle maker (第5项) that can turn a simple batter into a morning snack. Or even with the right spices, a savory stand-in for bread or mini waffle crostini that can be used for all your dinner parties and brunches to come!
最后,让我们谈谈制作烹饪和吃东西的特种低钠商品,而无需盐,就像订购的取出一样简单。但是一个更健康和品味的全部。虽然有一个抓住:这些礼物不仅仅是人们可以买的物品foryou…these are low-sodium essentials that also make the perfect presents for your friends and family. Why? Because they arethelow-sodium snacks and kitchen staples that will help others cook excellent low-sodium food for you!
我在谈论含盐芯片和格兰诺拉麦片(item 1) .我正在谈论含盐的烘焙粉和棉花糖,甜点,饼干,面包和香蕉s'mores. (item 2).I’m talking salt-free salsas, marinades, and spicy ginger sauce (第3项)。I’m talking salt-free spice blends like my favorite, Mrs. Dash(item 4)......看看Penzeys和Sypicely。我正在谈论含盐泡菜!(第5项)。I’m talking everything you need for salt-free pizza(item 6)— like the magicalgallolea即时披萨面团和酱汁。
So get a virtual basket. And fill it up this salt-free, low-sodium goodies. Give them to someone you love. And know you’ll be eating well at their house this year and those to come. Maybethrow in this little book太。你知道,只是为了围绕它。



以及最新的我的礼物指南生活没有杂志! Gift on. Happy holidays. And follow the links below to get started with those purchases!

Fluo Bowls by La tête au cube
20美元 -


Le Creuset Casserole Dish
$205 –


$4.91 –

Wilton bakeware

Zoku small appliance




Oxo Mandolin

Organic Pickled Sushi Ginger

甜姜辣椒酱 - 烹调酱汁

Dandies Vegan Mini Marshmallows

Potato Chips

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