December 11, 2015

Low-So Sweet Potato Fish Cakes

When my health takes a dip, the first thing I look to is the cabinet. But not the one you think. Not the one with pills and bandaids and hot water bottles. The cabinet I’m thinking of is full of spices and grains and all the things I can put on my plate and into my body. I’m talking about food. Because that’s my favorite kind of medicine. If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit more absent this year and that’s because, well, my body kind of had it with me. After almost 11 full years of post-Lupus-attack-survival […]

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July 31, 2015

Low-So Frittata Focaccia

I’ll have to keep things rather short today as MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND! And I’m off for “Best Woman” duties for the weekend. But if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a little confession yesterday: I’ve been doing something called The Whole 30 plan. Now, I’m no dieter and eating for me — especially eating a low-so diet –has always been about adding more to my life versus taking things away. But due to some recent Lupus flare ups and overall, just feeling a bit on the crappy side, I decided to look more […]

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November 6, 2013

Greens, Eggs, and Kale French Toast

Let’s talk about leftovers. Kale pesto leftovers, to be exact. After hosting three, yes THREE, parties last weekend, I had two big cups of kale pesto leftovering in my fridge. And after inserting the kale pesto remains into pastas and potatoes and potato pastas, I still had half a dozen globs or so to play with. Which brings me to toast. French toast, to be exact. Typically, french toast is made with a mixture of eggs, milk, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and perhaps a pinch of cinnamon and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. In sum: it’s sweet. But as you […]

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October 11, 2013

Weekly Obsessions

哦嘿新的钠女孩列!yobet手机很高兴最后梅伊t you! Yes siree. It’s here. A weekly round-up of awesome and tasty nibbles from the Internet that will keep you appropriately busy and full and inspired all weekend long. For a while now, I have wanted to create a space where I could tell you all about the cool articles I read, dishes I tried, or products that landed on my doorstep during the past week(ish). A space where I could answer questions and give you the information needed to get creative and silly and totally salt-free in your kitchen […]

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June 20, 2012

Low-Sodium Leftover Rice

Let’s say you have eight people over for dinner. And you make rice for eight hundred. What do you do with all those leftover grains? A few tubs of tupperware and some basic arithmetic lead us to conclude that what you have are leftovers. Which is just a muse for creativity. And when it comes to rice, you’ve got one of the greatest leftover canvases to work with. There are many stellar, second-day, low-sodium options for rice. You can make spring rolls. You can top the rice with spices and avocado for a cold snack, that’s totally great when you’re on-the-go. You […]

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October 14, 2011

Low-Sodium Collard Sandwich Wrap

它通常开始于一个飞扬的熔岩h or a soft tortilla. Those flat, towel-like breads that so easily twist and snuggle around your sandwich fillings. And while I’ve bought salt-free lavash and no-sodium corn tortillas before, they are either special grocery store items that only show up once in a while (lavash) or they tend to crack and break apart when you roll them (tortilla). Which means a sturdy, low-sodium sandwich wrap is difficult to make for a simple Wednesday lunch. Le sigh. But you didn’t think I was going to give up that easily, did you? […]

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May 20, 2011

Pulp Fiction Fantasy Bread

How about I tell you that I spent less than 8 big smackers on the meal above. And that it was for two people (there was another bowl of soup and sandwich that didn’t make it to the plate). And that there was a gigantic loaf of freshly baked, no knead, no rise, salt-free bread left over. Now, what if I told you that I only bought 3 tomatoes, 2 carrots, and one beet at the store. And with the eggs, flour, and beer that I had at home, I was able to make this entire low sodium meal, soup […]

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January 19, 2011

The Simplest Recipe

As a low sodium eater, lunch is the most difficult meal of the day, especially when you are constantly on-the-go. Most people eat lunch out, during a busy work day or while ticking off a long list of errands. And for the salty population, there is a plethora of options to choose from: an overflowing turkey sandwich, a bowl of hot chicken soup, or even a slice (or two) of pizza ordered by the office. But for us, the salt-less crusaders, choices are slim: steamed white rice from the local chinese take-out, a create-your-own salad bar, or maybe the occasional […]

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August 13, 2010

Take Your Tops Off

I apologize for getting a bit frisky this Friday morning. It’s just that last night I discovered something novel, something exciting, something that even some might call brilliant. While making a fresh batch of potato leek soup (sweet butter + leek + potato + blender), I was left with a bunch of hard, green leek tops. Unless you want some sort of Dr. Seuss-ish soup, it is best to only use the white parts of the leek and put the darker green parts to the side. But right there is the big dilemma. What do you do with the discarded […]

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April 15, 2010

The First Supper

After five days of the pre-surgery, liquid-only meal plan, I was finally allowed to dig into something hearty that did not come served in a mug. I love you broth, but it was time to move on. Since I was still in recovery mode, my first meal out of the gate had to be something mild and delicate. Nothing with too much fiber or spice. But bland just isn’t in my vocabulary. So, even though the recipe I had in mind was somewhat colorless, I wanted to make sure it still had flavor. In the fridge, I had some leftover […]

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