Stepping into The Greek off the busy cobblestone walkways of Yaletown you are greeted by the strikingly friendly staff of the restaurant. I met with Iani Marki (Restaurant owner) and sat down over some traditional Greek food and delicious cocktails. The first impression of a restaurant is huge and this place did nothing but impress me from the second I walked in. From the lights lining the roof setting a perfect ambiance to the incredibly on point interior. White brick walls, wooden roofing and authentic Greek patterned booths, it was perfect! The first Anatoli Slovaki was opened in North Vancouver in 1984. Brothers Iani and Alexi Marki took over family run restaurant five years ago. The Yaletown location is more traditional and opened in March 2015.


DSC_1197DSC_1168We started with the trio dip which consist of taramasalata, homous and tzatziki. They were all delicious but my favorite was the taramasalata, its a tangy caviar spread. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much pita in one sitting.

DSC_1178Next was the Octopothi which is grilled octopus, olive oil, lemon caper dressing served over crispy potatoes. I can be weird sometimes with the texture of octopus, it just all depends on the way its cooked and I’m pretty sure I almost ate this whole dish, need I say more. DSC_1188The sauce in this next dish I swear I could eat on anything. It was SO good, I’m going to try and attempt to make my own at home. The dish is called Iani’s Prawns, its sautéed mushroom and prawns in a delicious tomato feta ouzo sauce. I highly recommend trying this dish if you dine at  the restaurant.DSC_1183At this point I was medium full but couldn’t wait to see what was next. Kouneli Styfado was up which is braised rabbit with orzo with okra, cherrie tomato and zucchini. Iani did mention that this was one of his favorite dishes on the menu and I can see why. For my first time trying rabbit I really enjoyed it.DSC_1202For the main course, I know right main course after all that amazing food. I thought it would be hard to eat anything else but it wasn’t at all. The presentation of this dish was like something out of a magazine. I was a huge fan of the steel dish it was served in.This dish is the half roast chicken which is done with lemon, oregano, mustard marinade baked to order and served with seasonal vegetables, potatoes and rice. The chicken was cooked to perfection (nice and moist). DSC_1173DSC_1223We sipped on a few of the cocktails off the menu. My favorite was the Apollo, a cilantro and lime leaf infused gin and tonic (YUM).

Throughout the dinner we noticed how good the music playlist was. Old school R & B to new school pop hits and some good old hip hop (One of my girlfriends that was there said “Who doesn’t want to listen to Usher on a Tuesday night”) and its true, who doesn’t. All in all it was just a perfect dining experience and I am excited to go back and try the other dishes on the menu that I didn’t try this time. If you are out and about in Vancouver and looking for a place with good eats, music and atmosphere this would be my recommendation.

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Restaurant Information

1043 Mainland St

Vancouver, BC V6B 5P9

Sunday: 5:00pm – 11:00pm
Monday: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Tuesday to Saturday: 11:30am – 12:00am
Phone: 604.979.0700




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