Holistic Health & Nutritionist Jennifer Just on living a healthy lifestyle!


I had the pleasure to do a Q & A with the lovely Jennifer Just, Holistic Health Nutritionist and newly business owner.  Jennifer is opening her own Franchise of The Green Mustache in Squamish this summer. This type of juice/snack bar is something Squamish has been lacking for a while so everyone is dying for those doors to open. The Green Mustache was founded by a local Whistler family who were inspired by their children to always make organic healthy and tasty snacks. The Green Mustache has locations in Whistler, Kitsilano and coming soon in Squamish.


Date Night with Tila at The Flying Pig Olympic Village


I had the pleasure to meet up with lifestyle/food blogger Tila from at one of my favorite restaurants in Vancouver, The Flying Pig. We went to their newest location in the Olympic Village. They also have location in Gastown and Yaletown. Its not only the food that makes this place one of my favorite restaurants. The atmosphere well dining is top notch and there is something about the open kitchen and vibe of the restaurant that I just love. Tila and I wined and dined over deliscious food and great conversation.


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