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I’ve always been one to take care of my skin. I cant tell you how many products I have been through to find out what works for me. I recently came across a new line from the Body Shop that had nothing but great reviews so obviously I had to try for myself. Just

I’ve only been using the Drops of Youth and Drops of life products for a month and have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin already. I have very sensitive/dry skin so I mixed it up between lines. The oils of youth is to start protecting your skin from aging and the oils of life is to repair fine lines that have already developed. If you are interested in trying the specialist their will help you exactly what will suit you and your skin type.

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Step 1- The Body Shop- Aloe gentle face wash – This face wash is a foaming face wash which I love and is made with aloe which is so soothing on my face. Its really helped with the redness I get sometimes after washing.

Step 2- The Body Shop- Drops of youth concentrate -help boost surface skin cell renewal. My skin feels immediately moisturized and instantly softer.


Beauty product must haves!


Clinique acne solutions clearing gel– I’m not one to use acne gels or solutions because I find they never work but I recently had a friend form Switzerland staying with me and she showed me this miracle worker (Thanks Liah!). I had a little photo shoot the next day and of course the BIGGEST pimple appeared on my face the day before. I was so bummed because first of all its rare for me to get pimples that size and second it just had to come the day before photos for the blog. I put this gel on my pimple before bed and woke up and it was nearly gone, I was actually shocked. I have used it a few times since and have got the same results. It really really works so I just had to share.

MAC Lip Conditioner– I’ve actually been using this product for a couple years now. I            use it all day everyday. Every person that I have showed it to uses religiously now as well. I don’t know about you but I find Chap stick makes my lips more chapped and lip gloss isn’t something you want to wear all day long. This product is the perfect in between. It leaves your lips feeling so moisturized with a little shine at the same time. It has SPF in it as well so it protects your lips in the summer.

If you have any beauty product that you live by, please comment and share below, I always love trying to new products. Hope you’re all having a good weekend! xx kelly

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